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Wonderland Arts - Summer Camp 2018

Registration Deadline 08/11/2018

"The Wonderland Bucket list"

Hello sweet folks,

The summer is once again right around the corner, and I bet we are all very excited about warmer weather, pool days, farmers market trips, and lot's of delicious local ice cream; I know we are very excited at Wonderland to start our super fun annual summer camp program.

....And do we have a super cool summer planned for our sweet kiddos, or what! This summer we really wanted to be creative with our format and give our little campers a chance to be a part of the planning process. We came up with a "bucket list" concept, each day the kids will get a chance to choose a topic, activity, or concept out of a bucket and will learn, play and explore their choices! Choices will include many activities such as hula hoop class, yoga, dancing, cooking, nature walks, art projects, science projects...We will also have a regular lemonade stand day, as well as an allocated full "water" day by age group.

Most of our older friends are, sadly, leaving to embark upon the next part of their educational journey! We would love the opportunity to get to spend some more time with them and give them a very fun summer and a “see you later, hopefully at our next camp” with our friends and teachers!

A closer look into some of our philosophies:

Some kids play easily with others, some walk intrepidly into adventure, while others may fear the unfamiliar. At Wonderland Arts every kid matters. Each kiddo is different, and we absolutely love that. Every Wonderland camp classroom provides a unique environment of kindness, respect, and learning.

Amongst having our unique daily rotation concept, this summer Wonderland will embark upon a camp environment that also fosters locality, the organic process, and a DIY mentality; which we will heavily focus on in our teaching and exploration methods. We will navigate through what it is like to live green and what the creation process looks like for everyday items such as: soap making, growing an organic garden, cooking with lots of incredibly delicious locally harvested ingredients to open children's eyes to the wonders and possibilities of the natural world and their own potential.

Our mission is to expose our kiddos to where their food comes from, what the process of creating materials of self care looks like. Through creative play and exploration, children develop a connection with the land and an appreciation for creating; and all around being creative. Children learn by example; we want them to be inspired by our camp to support local and choose a healthy, creative and imaginative lifestyle.

A few things you will surely see throughout the entirety of the summer include:

OUR GIVING GARDEN Making & planting beds, adding compost, watering, weeding, harvesting, eating and observing. The children will help with maintaining and truly taking the ownership from start to finish; we will also use most of our plant life and fruits/veggies in our projects and snacks to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labors, if you will!

ARTS & CRAFTS Learning to make through objects found in nature, such as nature journals, vegetable stamps, mobiles and collages with found objects. Chicken feathers, rocks, leaves, flowers, sticks, sheep wool and honey comb are often favorite art and craft project materials.

STORIES & SONGS Enjoy and relax during the heat of the day with Mr. Diego and his incredibly fun and interactive stories and music class!

Extra to do's:

• Sensory Play

• Imaginative Play

• Arts & Crafts

• Gardening & cooking

• Nature Exploration

• Music

• Gym

• Dance

• Sports

• Splash & Play

• Science

With the close guidance of our staff, children develop a deeper sense of community through shared work in the Garden, our music lessons, by making arts & crafts using natural fibers, and of course through a lot of indoor and outdoor play, and stories. For this camp we do not have weekly themes, we have daily themes; so please pick which ever, or all of the weeks you would like to enroll your camper!   Here at Wonderland I would consider us a big family, and a very interactive and incredible community; so come join us in this beautiful and enchantingly fun summer!


What to Bring to Kids' Camp:

Lunch Monday – Thursday (snack is provided), on Friday’s we will continue our weekly Pizza Friday.

Sunscreen (spray, preferred)

Extra work/play clothes (and an extra pair of clothing for yoga)

Towel and water clothes/bathing suit

closed toe shoes, or enclosed sandals (no flip flops!)

For our youngers friends, diaper and wipes, creams if applicable

Very important: please label ALL of your kids belongings before bringing them in for the summer.

Optional: sunglasses, and or hat

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Indigo Montessori for further information.