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We believe signing up for programs and activities should be easy, convenient, accurate and secure for everyone.

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Enter your registration information once and use it again and again. No more wasted time filling out redundant forms!

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Market your programs and offer online registration in 3 easy steps!

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Community-Based Marketing and Online Registration

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Attract new customers.

Some organizations use FamilyID because it’s the easiest way to collect registrations and payments from their existing customers. But if it’s new customers that you want, we have thousands of people in our online community who use FamilyID to find, register and pay for their activities. They trust FamilyID to make registration secure and easy. And FamilyID enables them to sign up in a matter of minutes because it saves their information to use again and again. FamilyID is the shortest path from you to new customers.

Spend less time on registrations.

Do you accept paper forms that you have to decipher and then manually enter into a database? Do you have registration software that confuses your customers or generates lots of support calls? With FamilyID, online registration is a breeze. We handle the support. We make data collection automatic. And we give you flexible reporting tools to get your data where it needs to go. You can start measuring the savings in hours and dollars.


No technical experience?
You don’t need it.

You don’t need an IT department. Or a training course. Or some thick manual. We take care of the servers, the payments, the security and the support. And we make it easy. We are routinely told that FamilyID is fantastically simple to use. And that’s from folks who aren’t computer experts.

10 Great Reasons to Use FamilyID

1. Convenient. We make it easy for customers to find you and buy from you. And we make it easy for you to get the information you need. Any time. Day or night.

2. Simple. If you can type, you can use FamilyID. Our software is intuitive so you can create your online forms in minutes. We don’t sell you training because you don’t need it.

3. Hassle-free. Going online shouldn’t turn your staff into tech support. We’re here to help both you and your registrants to make sure every transaction is successful.

4. Fast. Your customers enter their own information right into the database. You can view the data and do all the reporting you need and more.

5. Up-to-date. Every time your customer fills out a registration form using FamilyID or changes their profile, you’ve got the latest. FamilyID keeps your customers’ information up to date for you.

6. Risk-free. We don’t lock you into long-term contracts or saddle you with expensive software. We charge a transaction fee when your customers successfully register. So we get paid when you get paid.

7. Smart. We partner with PayPal—the world’s best-known online payment gateway. Your customers pay directly into your PayPal account so you get your money right away.

8. Secure. Collecting sensitive data through the Web requires a new type of security. Our multi-layered security is built specifically for Web transactions so your customer information stays safe.

9. Professional. Our elegant marketplace, beautifully designed listings and clean, simple registration forms are designed to reflect your high quality image.

10. Effective. We promote your programs in our newsletter, on social media and through search engines to help you generate more business.