Simple online registration

for all your programs and activities

Effortless registration for everyone.

We believe that registering for programs and activities should be a smooth experience for both program providers and their registrants. Goodbye to piles of paper forms. Goodbye to complicated software.

FamilyID is a fantastically easy-to-use online registration and payment platform. Schools, camps, teams and clubs use FamilyID to create simple online forms, and then sit back as registrations, sign-offs and payments roll in.
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All of the information. None of the paper. None of the work.

Do you accept paper forms that you have to decipher and then manually enter into a spreadsheet? Have you suffered through complicated software that creates more work than it saves? With FamilyID, registration management is a breeze. We handle the support. We make data collection automatic. And we give you flexible reporting tools to get your data where it needs to go. You can start measuring the savings in hours and dollars.

Ready, set, register!

Participants fill out their data once and re-use it for multiple programs and multiple family members. You can keep track of registrations, update personal information, find programs and register for any program on the platform. FamilyID transforms a repetitive, time-consuming bother into an efficient, timesaving convenience.
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No technical experience?
You don’t need it.

You don’t need an IT department, or a training course, or some thick manual. We handle the software, servers and support. Creating forms, managing registrations, running reports and sharing information is easy and intuitive, even for people with little computer experience. We are routinely told that FamilyID is fantastically simple to use. And that’s from folks who aren’t computer experts.

Unlimited reports any way you want them.

Keep everyone up to speed without lifting a finger. Rosters, class lists, emergency cards... FamilyID reporting is so flexible and simple you can create and share information with a few clicks of the mouse. Your staff, teachers, coaches, nurses, and trainers have never been so well informed.
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5 Great Reasons to Use FamilyID

  • 1. Convenient.
    Our one-page online registration forms make it easy to sign up for programs. And we make it easy for organizations to get the information they need. Any time. Day or night.
  • 2. Simple.
    If you can type, you can use FamilyID. Our software is intuitive so you can create your online forms in minutes and customize them to meet your individual needs.
  • 3. Hassle-free.
    Going online shouldn’t turn your staff into tech support. We’re here to help both you and your registrants to make sure every registration is successful. Our support desk is open 7 days a week.
  • 4. Fast.
    Your customers enter their own information right into the database. You can view the data and do all the reporting you need and more.
  • 5. Up-to-date.
    Every time your customer fills out or updates a registration form, you’ve got the latest information. FamilyID keeps your customers’ information up to date for you.
Call or email us today for a demo! We can’t wait to show you how much better program registration can be with FamilyID.