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ParentReach 18-19

Dear Parents,

MHMS uses ParentREACH Emergency notification program to contact you for the following reasons:

-School Closings

-Snow Delay

-Early Dismissal

-Emergency Notifications

The ParentREACH program allows MHMS to make one text to text a message which in turn texts all the MHMS families. In order for this system to work properly we must have the most current contact numbers. Please fill in the form below with ALL of the phone numbers you would like contacted with an emergency notification. The program only works if we have the most accurate and up to date information. If you have not previously filled out a form and fail to fill out the form now you will NOT be entered into the database and will not receive emergency messages, including school closings.

 Key Tips To Remember

  • Do not block our numbers
  • ParentReach‘s caller ID is (411)411-4111
  • Make sure your emergency contact information is current.

    If the system detects a busy signal it will call back up to ten times at three-minute intervals and deliver the message when it connects to a live person or answering machine.


    ParentReach - July 1, 2018 to July 1, 2019
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