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Knoch High School Summer 2019 Driver's Education "Behind-The-Wheel" Program

Registration Deadline 08/01/2019

Driving sessions will be offered starting May 14th. The cost of participating in this program is $300. There can be three students per session. A student's behind the wheel driving time will count toward their sixty-five hours of supervised driving required for the state's permit requirements. Students normally drive one hour per day but are required to attend all three hours per day. Students must attend all six required meetings and drive for six hours before certification. Upon completion of the program the students will have met all Pennsylvania Department of Education and Pennsylvania Insurance Commission standards. Certification for Insurance benefits upon program completion can be obtained immediately upon program completion. (Students must satisfactorily complete six hours behind the wheel instruction, with a certified instructor, and earn a passing grade in the Safety Education Course offered during the school year to receive the insurance discount for most insurance companies.)

Drivers must be enrolled at Knoch High School or have graduated in or after the 2018-2019 school year. Every student must have a valid permit or junior license before beginning the actual driving portion of the program. A license or permit is not required for registration. NO STUDENT IS PERMITTED TO DRIVE WITHOUT A FORM OF LICENSE ON THEIR PERSON.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact KNOCH ATHLETICS for further information.