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Fall 2018 Athletics Registration

Registration Deadline 09/01/2017
Payment Deadline 09/01/2017

“Beloved Young Adults”
The late Saint John Paul II’s words
On Nov. 24, 1984, to Olympians who had
participated in the Los Angeles Games.
“Beloved young athletes, athletics offers you, among other things,
also the opportunity to improve your own personal spiritual state.
Called as you are frequently to engage in your competitions in the
midst of nature, amid the marvels of the mountains, seas, fields and
slopes, you are in the best
position to perceive the value of simple and immediate things, the call
to goodness, the dissatisfaction with one’s insufficiency, and to
mediate on the authentic values that are the basis of human life.
These are the virtues that harmonize well with the Christian spirit
because they demand a capacity for self-control, self-denial, sacrifice
and humility, and therefore an attitude of gratefulness to God, who is
the giver of every good and therefore also the giver of necessary
physical and intellectual talents.
Sports are not merely the exercise of muscles, but the school of
moral values and of training in courage, in perseverance, and in
overcoming laziness and carelessness. There is no doubt that these
values are of the greatest interest for the formation of a personality
which considers sports not an end in itself but as a means to total and
harmonious physical, moral and social development.” 

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact CYO Athletics for further information.