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Mattituck-Cutchogue UFSD Chromebook Agreement

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For each of the agreements below, please read the terms, check the box to mark your acknowledgement, and type your name to confirm.

Mattituck-Cutchogue UFSD Chromebook Agreement

I/we have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions of the Mattituck-Cutchogue UFSD:

  • Chromebook Procedures and Information Handbook for Parents and Students (see District’s website)
  • Computer Network for Education Policy 4526 (see District’s website)
  • Internet Safety Policy 4526.1 (see District’s website)
  • Chromebook Agreement herein.
  • Student Pledge for Chromebook Use herein.
  • Student and Parent/Guardian(s) Pledge for Chromebook Use herein.

Note: All payments for Chromebook Repairs or Replacements must be paid by check or money order payable to “Mattituck-Cutchogue UFSD”.

Student Agreement:

  • Should I commit any violation or in any way misuse my Chromebook, I understand and agree that my access privilege may be revoked and School disciplinary action may be taken against me. I understand that any violation of this Agreement may result in the suspension or loss of use of my Chromebook and/or school network privileges.
  • I understand that I am to treat this Chromebook no different than any other District owned piece of equipment.  I will not alter it, make changes to it or use it in a manner that is not aligned with the District Chromebook Agreement.  

Parent Agreement:

As the parent or legal guardian of the above minor, I have read, understand and agree that my child shall comply with the terms of the Mattituck-Cutchogue UFSD District’s Chromebook Agreement. 

  • I understand that the Chromebooks are a privilege and can be revoked if misused. I understand that if the Chromebook is intentionally damaged, lost, or stolen that my child or myself may be responsible to reimburse the District for the cost of the repair or replacement.  
  • I am signing this Agreement and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the School, and the School District that provides a Chromebook to my child against all claims, damages, losses and costs, of whatever kind, that may result from my child's or 's use of his or her Chromebook or violation of the foregoing Agreement.  Further, I accept full responsibility for supervision of my child's use of his or her Chromebook if and when such access is not in the School setting. I hereby give permission for my child to use a Chromebook authorized by the District and agree to the above terms and agreement.

Payment Method
MUFSD - MySchoolBucks

Pay by check

Please make the check out to "Mattituck-Cutchogue School District" and write "Chromebook Insurance" in the memo. Checks can be given to your student's homeroom teacher.