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Brochure Fall 2019 - Adult Programs

The Medway Community Education Department is a totally self-sustaining program, designed to serve the varied needs of all area residents. Our programs provide the opportunity for educational and creative development incorporating academic, career and enrichment courses for all ages

Registration Information:

  • PROGRAM DETAILS - Scroll down and click on Read More for the program description and details.
  • TO REGISTER - Click on the box and complete participant information.
  • IMPORTANT - Please update your personal registration information if it has changed since last registering.
  • DIRECTIONS - Click on the program location on the right side of this page.

Updated Class Information:

  • Ballroom & Latin Dancing - CANCELLED
  • Learn to Knit-Advanced - The start date has changed from Wednesday, October 30 to Wednesday, October 23. 

      Additional Program Information:

      • To register for our day trip, please visit the Brochure 2019 - Trips link in FamilyID:
        • A Day in New York City - Saturday, November 16
      • SPECIAL EVENTS - To register for the Murder Mystery Dinner on November 2 and the This Is Me!-Women's Wellness Workshop on November 7, please scroll down to Course #A73-19 and #A48-19, respectively.
      • To register for ADULT PROGRAMS, please select the program(s) and complete the registration form below. Click on "SAVE AND CONTINUE". On the next screen your selection(s) can be added to the cart. You may continue to register other participants or register for other Medway Community Education programs. To complete your registration, you must check-out and pay according to the payment instructions.
      • CANC ... Show more
      • Tom ... Show more
      • Steve ... Show more
      • Christine ... Show more
      • CANC ... Show more
      • CANC ... Show more
      • Siri Krishna ... Show more
      • Dale ... Show more
      • Stacey ... Show more
      • Dale ... Show more
      • Christine ... Show more
      • Anil ... Show more
      • Mike ... Show more
      • Adam ... Show more
      • Nanci ... Show more
      • Steve Karra and Pattee ... Show more
      • Wally Wenzel and Bob ... Show more
      • The Franklin YMCA, located at 45 Forge Hill Rd., Franklin, offers a variety of fitness programs ... Show more
      • Erin ... Show more
      • Artworks ... Show more
      • Artworks ... Show more
      • Artworks ... Show more
      • Amy Nickerson - NOVEMBER 5 PROGRAM IS ... Show more
      • CANC ... Show more
      • SPECIAL EVENT!! This 1950’s sock hop is a complete disaster! When a death on the dance floor ... Show more
      • Erin ... Show more
      • Erin ... Show more
      • Erin ... Show more
      • Sofia ... Show more
      • Susan ... Show more
      • Susan ... Show more
      • Ann ... Show more
      • Ann ... Show more
      • Ann ... Show more
      • Ann ... Show more
      • Rosemary ... Show more
      • Carol Collord and Jeanne ... Show more
      • CANC ... Show more
      • Ida ... Show more
      • John Scott ... Show more
      • John Scott ... Show more
      • Mark Lenzi and Kim ... Show more
      • Dawn ... Show more
      • Officers Robert O’Neill and Lauren ... Show more
      • Juanita Allen ... Show more
      • Ryland ... Show more
      • Dic ... Show more
      • Aaron ... Show more
      • Medway Cable Access is offering free classes at its studio for anyone interested in learning ... Show more
      • The ed2go network offers hundreds of engaging online courses covering every topic from Speed ... Show more
      Participant Information
      Other registration information
      Payment is required to complete your registration.

      A registration without payment does not hold a spot in a class or program.

      You will receive an email confirming registration. Click the Submit button to pay electronically or by check.

      Payment Method
      UniPay Gold (preferred method)

      American Express, Discover, MasterCard credit (fee applied), MasterCard debit and ACH accepted at UniPay (

      Select Community Education and choose the appropriate transaction:
      * Brochure Programs & After School Programs
      * Medway Day Care
      * Terrific Twos Program - Monthly Payment


      Mail to Medway Community Education, 16 Cassidy Lane, Medway, MA 02053. Reference course in memo section of check for accurate processing. Check must be received within 5 days of registering.

      Refund Instructions
      Our programs are self-supporting. We reserve the right to cancel a course if registration numbers are too low. Refunds are given only if a course is cancelled by Medway Community Education. Checks are issued by the Town of Medway and may take three to four weeks to process.