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2019-2020 Transportation Registration.

Welcome to SD27J online transportation registration. Please complete this form to enroll your student to ride the bus.


Contained below are the guidelines that cover all safety concerns regarding student transportation to and from school to ensure all riders, the bus driver and the community are safe. We hope by providing the information below, we will have a successful year. We appreciate your cooperation and support!

  • Please choose the option that best fits your needs for the 2018-2019 school year.

    If you currently qualify for State mandated programs, the fee will be automatically waved by the District. FEES ARE NOT PAID ON FAMILY ID. Fees can be paid on line or at the schools as in previous years. Fees are NOT due at time of Registration.

    If you have problems navigating through registration, please call Family ID at the number provided.

Participant Information

Please enter your student/s first, middle and last name and any other information that will be helpful to our drivers.


For each of the agreements below, please read the terms, check the box to mark your acknowledgement, and type your name to confirm.

SCHOOL DISTRICT 27J School Bus Ridership Contract /Acuerdo del Usuario del Autobús Escolar en el Distrito Escolar 27J

The privilege of riding a school bus is contingent upon a student's good behavior and observance of the student code of conduct and established regulations for student conduct both at bus stops and on board buses.

The driver of a school bus shall be responsible for the safety of the students on his/her bus, as well as maintaining order, both during the ride and while students are entering or leaving the vehicle. Therefore, it is the bus driver's duty to notify the supervisor of transportation and the principal of the school involved if any student persists in violating the established rules of conduct.

The principal or Transportation Department may withhold from the student the privilege of riding a school bus in the event the student violates the student conduct code or the established regulations for student conduct The student also may be denied admission to school, suspended or expelled, in accordance with established policies including discipline of habitually disruptive students, for flagrant violation of school bus rider conduct regulations or conduct detrimental to the safe operation of the bus. (See Student Code of Conduct) 

ALL students transported in School District 27J transportation vehicles shall adhere to the following rules and regulations:

Boarding and Exiting Vehicles by Students and/or Their Guests

Students will be waiting at their predetermined stop location at least 5  minutes prior to scheduled pickup time.

 Students will enter and exit in an orderly manner; remain seated, facing forward until after the vehicle has come to a complete stop and the driver has instructed the student to change seats or exit the bus. Students not presenting written authorization to the bus driver, from the parent/guardian, approved by the appropriate administrator, will not be allowed to board or exit the bus except at their designated stop. Buses will wait five (5) minutes at school site loading zones after the bell rings for P.M. take home routes. For obvious safety reasons students are not to run along the side of the vehicle as it is leaving the stop.

NOTE: For student safety, Parents (or other designated responsible individuals) of Kindergarten and Preschool Students, as well as Students requiring special transportation services, are requested to meet the bus at the bus stop.

Safety On Board the Vehicle

Transportation is an extension of the classroom.  Bullying behavior of any kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Students will not distract the driver and absolute quiet is required at railroad crossings as per Colorado State Law. Use of any form of tobacco (includes Vaping), drugs, alcohol or any other illegal substance is strictly prohibited. Use of profanity will not be tolerated. Name-calling, fighting, aggressive behavior, harassment or the throwing of objects inside the bus is strictly prohibited. Students will not open windows except by direction of the driver.

Absolutely no objects, including a student's arms,legs, hands or heads may be extended out of the windows or into the aisle of the vehicle.

Students will not tamper with, mar or deface the vehicle or any of its equipment.

The driver has the authority to assign seats and to refuse to allow unsafe items, materials or other equipment to be brought on the bus.

Eating and/or drinking while the bus is in motion is prohibited. Colorado law strictly prohibits animals, weapons or any other dangerous items on a school transportation vehicle.

Transportation Fees

 There is an access fee of $20 per student, billed monthly by the first from October through May. Any discontinuance in ridership must be completed by the 15th of the month prior to cancel billing. Any questions, please call 27J fees hotline at 303-655-8997 or e-mail **Monthly fees will be charged unless a Discontinue Ridership form is filled out and turned in to the Transportation Department.

The district reserves the right to restrict or prohibit participation in extracurricular (sports, clubs) and/or academic programs (graduation exercises) as a result of the nonpayment of appropriately assigned fees. Transcripts may be withheld for students who transfer out of the district with outstanding fees. In addition, the district, at its discretion, may choose to seek assistance in the collection of fees from an outside, independent collection agency. Fees may be waived for indigent students. Please contact your student's building administrator for assistance in determining whether or not your student qualifies for a fee waiver.

Signatures indicate that you have discussed, understand and agree to the above terms. Thank you.

El privilegio para viajar en el autobús escolar depende de la conducta del estudiante y obediencia a las normas de conducta establecidas tanto en las paradas del autobús y a bordo de los mismos.

El conductor del autobús es responsable por la seguridad de los estudiantes, además es responsable por mantener el orden mientras los estudiantes ascienden o descienden del vehículo. Por lo tanto, el conductor tiene la obligación de notificar al supervisor de transporte o al director de la escuela cualquier violación persistente a las normas de conducta establecidas.

El director de la escuela o El Departamento de Transporte tiene el derecho de negar el transporte en el autobús escolar a cualquier estudiante que desobedezca las normas de conducta. Adicionalmente, al estudiante se le puede negar la admisión a la escuela, ser suspendido o expulsado según lo establecido en las normas de conducta implementadas para los estudiantes habitualmente perjudiciales, por la continua violación de las normas de conducta del viajero y operación precavida de vehículos. (Ver Codigo de Conducta del Estudiante)

Todos los estudiantes transportados en los vehículos del Distrito Escolar 27J deberán seguir las siguientes normas:

Ascenso y descenso del autobús escolar para los estudiantes y/o sus invitados

Los estudiantes esperarán en la parada asignada por lo menos 5  minutos antes de la hora de llegada del autobús. Los estudiantes abordarán y bajarán ordenadamente; permanecerán sentados apropiadamente hasta que el autobús se detenga por completo y el conductor le haya indicado que se puede cambiar de asiento o salga del autobús. Los estudiantes que no presenten una autorización por escrito de parte del padre o tutor legal, y la aprobación del administrador escolar, no podrán ascender o descender el autobús a menos de que ésta sea la parada que les corresponda. Los autobuses esperarán (5) minutos en la zona de ascenso y descenso de la escuela después que el timbre suene por la tarde para que los estudiantes tomen la ruta correspondiente que los llevará a casa. Por razones obvias los estudiantes tienen prohibido correr al lado del vehículo si este está en movimiento.

AVISO: Para la seguridad de los estudiantes, los padres o persona designada para recoger a los niños de kínder o preescolar que necesitan los servicios especiales de transporte, deberán estar presentes en la parada del autobús.

Seguridad a bordo del vehículo escolar

El Transporte es una extension del salon de clases. Compartamiento de intimidacion NO SERA TOLERADO.

Según lo establecido por la ley estatal de Colorado, los estudiantes deberán permanecer absolutamente callados y no distraer al conductor del autobús escolar cuando éste se detenga en el cruce del ferrocarril. El uso de cualquier forma de tabaco, plumos de vape, drogas, alcohol o cualquier otra sustancia ilegal está totalmente prohibido. Las maldiciones o groserías no serán toleradas. Está estrictamente prohibido utilizar sobrenombres, pelear, tener una conducta agresiva, acosar o tirar objetos dentro del autobús. Los estudiantes no pueden abrir las ventanas del autobús a menos que el conductor lo haya indicado.

Está absolutamente prohibido sacar los brazos/manos u objetos por las ventanas o en los pasillos del autobús.

Los estudiantes no alterarán, estropearán ni desfigurarán el vehículo ni el equipo en el mismo.

El conductor tiene la autoridad de asignar el asiento y negar meter cualquier material o equipo inseguro al autobús. Está prohibido comer o beber mientras el autobús está en movimiento. La ley de Colorado prohíbe estrictamente el transporte de animales, armas, o cualquier otro instrumento peligroso en el autobús escolar.

Costo del Transporte

 $20 por estudiante o una cantidad máxima de $40 por familia al mes por el servicio de transporte. Si tiene, preguntas hable al 303-655-8997 o envié un correo electrónico a:

El distrito tiene el derecho de limitar o negar la participación en actividades extracurriculares (deportes, clubs) y/o la participación en programas académicos (ceremonia de graduación) si el estudiante no tiene todo pagado. La relación de estudios puede ser retenida si el estudiante tiene un saldo pendiente de cuotas y desea trasladarse a una escuela fuera del distrito.

Adicionalmente, el distrito, a su discreción, podrá solicitar los servicios independientes de una agencia de colecciones para colectar las cuotas pendientes. Las cuotas pueden ser exentas para los estudiantes con carencias económicas. Hable con la administración de su escuela para determinar si su(s) hijo(s) califica para esta exención.

La firma indica que usted ha leído, entendido y está de acuerdo con las condiciones para el uso del transporte escolar. Gracias.

Other registration information
Now that you have successfully completed your registration, you will be able to go to the School Dist. Webpage and find your bus route information. This information will be available starting Aug 1st. Please keep in mind that due to new registrations, you will need to check your route information often at the beginning of the school year. If you have any questions or your bus information does not show up, please feel free to call us at

Thank you,
27J Transportation
Payment Method
Automatic Billing

For the 2020-2021 School Year the District has imposed an access fee of $20 per student, billed monthly by the first from October through May. Any changes in ridership must be completed by the 15th of the month to cancel billing. Any questions, please call 303-655-2991. Monthly fees will be charged unless a Discontinue Ridership form is filled out and turned in to the Transportation Department. The fees will be capped at $40 per household.