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2019 The Hive Summer Camp

The BIG idea: the hive connects campers with deCordova's 30-acre Sculpture Park and Museum to explore real world ideas, unbounded creativity, and inspiring innovation. The four weekly themes are starting points to spark imaginative possibilities that campers make their own with the week’s project. Each week culminates with the campers designing and constructing an ambitious sculpture installation in the Park.

2019 Inspiration: Truth. What is truth? How do we know? Campers will create art this summer that helps them explore the concepts of fact and fiction, the real and the imagined. As they create together, campers will discover their individual and collective potential as storytellers, meaning makers, and change agents.

Schedule: Mondays through Fridays, 9:30 am-4:30 pm (early drop-off available at 8:30 am)

Week 1: Citizens of the Universe, July 8-12, 2019

Week 1 Theme: What life exists beyond this planet? In the far reaches of the universe there may be civilizations that we do not know yet know. Imagine humans and aliens finding ways to connect, understand, and learn from each other without fear or judgement. The possibilities are out of this world!

Inspired by Biennial artist Ken Grimes’s drawings which image earthly exchange with aliens from Mars and other planets. As Grimes says: “In a sense, a search for extraterrestrials in space or right here on earth is a search for ourselves.” Lowry Burgess’s sculpture that was once in outer space is now buried in the Sculpture Park and connects our planet to the cosmos.

Week 1 Project: Constructing tools and transportation for exploration and communication with distant galaxies, cultural exchange will become a comforting reality. From shared language to newly invented sculptural forms, create a welcoming and peaceful shared world that celebrates new perspectives!

Week 2: Marvelous Inventions and Illusions, July 15-19, 2019

Week 2 Theme: Let’s revel in artworks that stop us in our tracks and prompt us to wonder: How did the artist do that?! How can gobs of paint placed just so camouflage a surface? What devices can create a sculptural illusion? Let’s take a moment to marvel at stunning mirages and find truth within the illusion!

Inspired by Biennial artists Anoka Faruqee and David Driscoll use their own invented painting process to challenge our perception, creating pulsating depth on a flat surface.  Josephine Halvorson’s towering painted plank is visible only to the keen eye in the Sculpture Park’s wooded grove.

Week 2 Project: Invent machines and schemes for constructing a camouflaged world in the park. Fabricate vignettes to enter into, under, or through for a full-scale trompe l'oeil installation. Will visitors be able to distinguish between the real and replicated trees and stones, and sculptures and their labels?!

Week 3: Critter and Creeper Super Beings, July 22-26, 2019

Week 3 Theme: Plants and animals can have startling human-like qualities. Has a shrubbery ever bowed before you? Can your pet read your mind? Let’s see what happens when plant-animal super beings came to life in the Sculpture Park.

Inspired by Biennial artist Carl D’Alvia’s marble and bronze sculptures sport realistic looking feathers and fur yet challenge our animal assumptions. Richard Rosenblum’s Venusvine dances out of a rock ledge in the Sculpture Park, combining plant, mineral, and human qualities in one dynamic form.

Week 3 Project: Design and construct statues that merge the spectacular characteristics of plants, humans, and other animals. These hybrid beings will be imbued with campers’ own identities, truths, and aspirations. Join us in celebrating similarities, differences, and super powers during a festive statuesque soiree!

Week 4: Inside Out Architecture, July 29-August 2, 2019

Week 4 Theme: Buildings can transform! Buildings can reveal! Structures morph as the needs of people or animals change concealing buried layers of history. What is the truth within beams, bricks, and mortar? Let’s use architectural sleuthing skills to solve some mysteries.

Inspired by the museum building, which began one hundred and thirty-seven years ago as the summer home of Julian and Lizzie de Cordova. Stealthy exploration will reveal its transformation from cottage to castle to art museum. What alternate worlds might be discovered inside Jarrett Mellenbruch’s lofted Haven sculpture in the Park that looks like neoclassical home for tiny humans, but is in fact an attraction for honeybees.

Week 4 Project: Engineer monumental structures that reveal their dynamic histories. Elements from each phase remain with renewed purpose. To find the truth of who lives in the buildings and how they are used, families and friends must pay close attention to the layered details.

Adult Hive: Fridays, July 19 and 26, 1-4 pm

Back by popular demand! Hive parents and family members, and other adventurous adults and teens are welcome. Adult Hive was designed by request from parents and others wishing that camp wasn't just for kids. This summer you can come to camp, too! Join us for one or both afternoons of collaborative art making immersed in nature. No artistic expertise necessary! For ages 16+

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum for further information.