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2018 Fall CREW ONLY

Registration Deadline 09/14/2018
Payment Deadline 09/21/2018

Eligibility Guidelines --

Registration and supporting documentation must be completed/approved in order to be eligible for practice/tryouts.

Physicals - Must provide physical which is valid for entire sport season (through mid November).  Physicals are valid for two years from date of issue.


A. CREW athletes MUST PRINT, COMPLETE AND RETURN as paper copies the  FLOAT TEST and US Rowing*** waiver verification (see details following).   Registering online for a USRowing Membership is required to join crew.  A membership fee is due at registration.  If this fee is a financial hardship for your family, assistance is available.  Please contact Athletic Office.

***USRowing:      Members can renew membership 90 days prior to expiration.

  1. Choose Individuals / Join.     Complete information.
  2. Under Club or Team Name Enter: Northshore School District No. 417.  
  3. When you get to the next screen under "Membership Type":  Basic Membership-Fee (Admin Fee $9.75). 
  4. "Add a tax-deductible charitable donation" - choose Not Now.  Click Submit.
  5. Complete remainder of information and provide payment.  
  6. During registration parent/guardian must sign a waiver.  US Rowing will send an email verification that the waiver has been signed.  PRINT THIS VERIFICATION AND RETURN TO ATHLETIC OFFICE IN ORDER TO BE CLEARED TO PARTICIPATE.

B.  FAMILYID REGISTRATION will be open UNTIL September 7.  IF  you completed a previous season sport registration DO NOT CREATE A NEW REGISTRATION BUT please review all participant information and update as necessary!

C. Be sure to provide emergency contact information OTHER than parents!    

D. Students who do not attend BHS FULL TIME are required to complete a contract that is specific to your off campus situation -- Running Start, Home School, etc.  These contracts are DUE TO MS. MILLS BY FIRST WEEK OF PRACTICE.   All contracts are available from the athletic office or on Family ID site.       If you have early dismissal or late arrival in your schedule, contact Ms. Mills to ensure eligibility! 

Academics - WIAA Standard (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) - All athletes must have PASSED AT LEAST 5 CLASSES the previous semester and be enrolled and passing a MINIMUM OF 5 CLASSES for the current semester.

The Northshore School District will also have a minimum 2.0 GPA requirement in addition to the WIAA standard for academics the previous semester.

GRADES:  If you attend a school other than BHS (Home School, SAS, Running Start, any alternative school and/or WaNIC) for ANY periods you must provide the Athletic Director with your grades from that school BY specific dates.  Go to BHS Athletic website for those specifics.

Fines or Fees - Students must have no outstanding school fines. All students must purchase a Bothell ASB sticker. Pay to Play/Participate is due by the date indicated in the payment section.

Daily Attendance (Practice or Contest) - To participate in athletics students must attend a minimum of 3 classes on that day.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Bothell High School for further information.