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2017 - 2018 Athletic Registration

Registration Deadline 10/01/2016


All athletes are required to have on file in the Athletic Office proof of an annual physical examination which clears the athlete for participation in interscholastic sports. No Athlete shall practice or play for any team without a current physical exam.


All athletes are required to have on file in the athletic office proof that either they are covered through their parent or Guardian's insurance, or that they have purchased voluntary student accident insurance. If you would like to purchase voluntary insurance, click on the following link Myers-Stevens. The application envelope must be turned into the athletic director. No athlete shall practice or play for any team without insurance.


To be academically eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics, all student athletes must:

a. be passing at least 20 semester units

b. be achieving a minimum GPA of 2.0

c. be passing at least 4 classes; and

d. be making minimum progress towards graduation

• 6 week grades shall be used at the grading period and semester grades at the semester.

• Summer school grades may be used in addition to the spring semester grades to determine fall eligibility.

• College classes used for athletic eligibility must be approved by the principal prior to season of participation.

• For detailed information on Academic Eligibility and CIF Eligibility Rules, please refer to the school website's athletic page,
or Santa Cruz City Schools Board Policy, AF 6145.

SPORTSMANSHIP/CODE OF CONDUCT: The highest degree of sportsmanship is expected of athletes at all times. If any athlete is ejected from pre-season or league contest as a result of flagrant misconduct or unsportsmanship behavior, he/she will be disqualified from participating in the next scheduled contest. If the ejection occurs in a CCS/CIF playoff contest, the athlete will be disqualified from all future contests in that sport for the duration of the playoffs. In addition, good sportsmanship is expected at all practices and consequences for unsportsmanlike behavior during practice will be dealt with at the coach's and Athletic Director's discretion.

ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE POLICY: Any Santa Cruz City School student who uses, possesses, sells or otherwise furnishes any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage, intoxicant or tobacco product while at school or under the jurisdiction of the school is subject to the regular and established consequences of the California Education Code, SCCS Board Policy and the rules and regulations of the SCCS schools and athletic programs.

FIRST VIOLATION will result in: (a) a one (1) to five (5) day school suspension; (b) referral to a school-based intervention program; and (c) a three (3) week contest ineligibility (attendance at practices and games is expected to be continued after the school suspension ends).

SECOND VIOLATION anytime during the athlete's high school career will result in suspension from participation in all interscholastic athletics for one calendar year (365 days).

TRANSPORTATION: Whenever transportation is provided by the school, all athletes must ride both to and from the event on the provided transportation. If an athlete wishes to drive home with his/her parents, he/she must have the prior approval of the coach. Parents may drive athletes if they have their own insurance; the district insurance does not cover parents. Athletes may drive themselves with their coach's permission if the students have their own insurance, but they may not drive other students. The district insurance does not cover student-drivers either. The Non-District Transportation Form must be completed and signed.


Santa Cruz City School's athletic program is offered free of charge to all students. As a result of the downturn in the economy, the athletic program has suffered deep budget cuts in recent years. Each team is now fully responsible for the costs of uniforms, equipment, coaches' stipends, tournament fees, and much more. The projected cost associated with the planned activities for the school year will be presented at scheduled parent and team meetings. It is estimated that two thirds of the students at each site will directly benefit from participating in athletics.

In order to support and continue to have an athletic program, the anticipated cost of participating in athletics would be funded by means of fundraising or through voluntary donations. The actual cost per athlete to organize and manage a team are available at scheduled parent and team meetings held prior to the start of the season's activities.

Student participation is in the sport is NOT based on the donation made, and is NOT required to participate in any school sport. If a team does not raise the funds needed to cover all of its expenses - either through voluntary donations or fundraising – the team will not be allowed to operate or it shall have to modify and scale back on its activities.

Each team must complete an annual budget to show it has adequate resources to operate. District policy requires all teams to remain in good financial standing.

Your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution to an educational organization, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code Sections 170(a) and (b)(1)(A)(ii).

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Soquel High School Athletics for further information.