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Winslow Township High School Athletics

Home of the Soaring Eagles!!!

The Board of Education recognizes that the primary responsibility of the school district is to educate students to their maximum potential. Although academic programs are the first priority, student co-curricular activities are an important part of the total learning experience. School Athletic programs provide students with a physical outlet that, when combined with academic accomplishments, helps build a true foundation for a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Winslow Athletics is committed to the physical, emotional, social and mental development of  all its athletes. Our goal is to teach and guide our student athletes to be the best well rounded additions to our society as possible.  Building self-esteem and self-confidence is an ongoing process, used in both games and practices.  Our coaches understand our students and push them to make sound decisions and to own their mistakes on and off the field. 

The Winslow Township High School athletic philosophy goes hand in hand with the school's spirit of academic challenge. Winslow students demonstrate that a pursuit of excellence in athletics is fully compatible with the pursuit of excellence in the classroom, and that a combination of the two endeavors lends itself to a more complete educational experience. By supporting a variety of athletic activities and encouraging all students, athletically inclined or not, to participate, we provide the information and processes necessary for all students to aspire to achieve their dreams.

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