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Windham High School Athletics Philosophy: The athletic program at WHS is a vital component in the overall educational experience. We ask our student-athletes to be competitive both on the field and in the classrooms. We value sportsmanship, growth of the spirit, mind and body. We expect to contribute to the students experience in school while developing desirable character traits including persistence, determination, dedication, tenacity and the will to win. It is our goal to enhance the student athletes well being as an important part of our community. The goals of WHS athletics are to encourage maximum participation of the student body in athletics while maintaining high standards of achievement.

Windham High School Athletics supports the academic mission of the school. We are not separate but rather an extension of a quality educational program. It has been found that students who participate in athletic programs tend to have higher grade-point averages, better attendance records, lower drop-out rates and fewer discipline problems than students do generally. Athletic programs provide valuable lessons on many practical situations, teamwork, sportsmanship, winning and losing, as well as hard work. Students gain experience with self-discipline, self-confidence and develop skills to solve complex situations. All these skills are needed and used later in life as responsible, productive adults.

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