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Tuscola High School Athletic Department

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Mission Statements

The Tuscola High School Athletic program is an integrated part of the high school’s total curriculum.  The department is committed to providing all student-athletes an equal opportunity to learn and be successful in an environment that promotes academic and athletic excellence.  Additionally, THS Athletics is committed to ensuring that our programs remain a source of pride to our students, faculty, and community.

As such, the department expects equal commitment on the part of it student-athletes.  Participations in a sport and thus representing Tuscola High School, is a privilege.  Since participation is a privilege and not a right, those who choose to participate shall be expected to follow the rules established by the coaches, athletic department, Haywood County Schools and the NCHSAA pertaining to their respective sports.  The department encourages attitudes of self-discipline, group loyalty, good sportsmanship and personal integrity; an appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation, and perseverance; and a feeling of pride in accomplishment.  It is the Athletic Department’s belief that these qualities lead to success both academically and athletically.  Participation also is believed to offer opportunity to attain life skills and lesson necessary to become productive citizens throughout life.

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