The Micheli Center

For Sports Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Evaluation & Prescription

Personal injury risk profiles are at the core of The Micheli Center’s operations. Trainees are provided an individualized prescription outlining steps they can take to minimize their risk of sports injuries.

Our Process

First-time trainees are put through a comprehensive set of assessments of their strength, endurance, flexibility, bony angles, body proportions, training habits and methods, nutrition, and other potential risk factors for sport-related injuries.  Sports medicine board certified physicians use these assessments to:

  • Determine the individual trainee’s sports injury risk profile and
  • Develop a prescription for reducing the individual’s risk of sports injuries.

Trainees learn which injuries they are at highest risk of sustaining and what steps they can take to reduce their chance of sustaining these injuries.  The exercise and training portion of these prescriptions may be carried out at The Micheli Center or taken to other locations throughout Massachusetts that have been approved by The Micheli Center, ensuring the appropriate staffing and equipment will be available.

These prescriptions will allow athletes to improve their performance at their sports while simultaneously reducing their risk of injury.  During a series of three follow-up visits each occurring three months apart, the evaluations are repeated and prescriptions are amended to reflect the trainee’s progress.

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