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Sumner High School

Home of the Spartans!

It is the Responsibility of the Sumner School District to Maximize Equitable Opportunities for Students to Achieve Athletic Success.

High Expectations for Individual, Team and Program Success.
Equity for All Individuals and Programs
Parent and Community Involvement
Strength and Conditioning
Articulation Within Programs
Individual, Team, School and Community Pride


Sumner High School prides itself on quality character and quality people.  Servant Leadership is the foundation for all programs at SHS, including athletics and activities. Service and sacrifice are the cornerstones to this model.  Every coach, advisor, athlete and participant are held to high standards and are ambassadors of The Spartan Way.  The 8 Essentials are the key components to living and modeling The Spartan Way, each and every day. The 8 Essentials include:

Patience – Showing self-control and impulse control

Kindness – Giving attention, appreciation, and encouragement

Honesty – Being free from deception

Respect – Treating others as if they were important (because they are!)

Selflessness – Meeting the legitimate needs of others

Forgiveness – Letting go of resentment

Humility – Being authentic without pretense or arrogance

Commitment – Sticking to your choices

                         Agape – Love is a Verb

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