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The Stonington High School Athletic Department would like to extend an invitation to all students to participate in the many interscholastic athletic programs offered. The materials presented contain information pertinent to policies, regulations, and rules of the Stonington Public School District, C.I.A.C. and the Eastern Connecticut Conference.
The Stonington High School Athletic Department is concerned with the educational development of students and feels that a properly controlled, well-organized sports program will meet the students' needs for self-expression, mental alertness and physical growth.
Students who choose to participate in athletics are making a choice that requires self-discipline. For this reason, we place a strong emphasis on good training habits. Failure to comply with rules of training could affect an athlete's performance and contribution to the team. Students who do not adhere to these rules will be jeopardizing their participation in the program. They should be aware that involvement in athletics is a privilege, not a right.
Student-athletes are role models and should constantly remember to exhibit a positive image.
Bryan Morrone, SHS Athletic Director

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