Stompbox Academy

Lessons, ensembles, recording, and more!

Stompbox Academy is an all-encompassing, in-home, music learning experience for kids and adults looking to become more educated and knowledgeable about the music they love and the ways to play it, create it, record it, and promote it. 

Stompbox Academy offers five classes:

1) Private Instrument Instruction (all instruments and levels)
2) Rock Band & Artist Program (sign up as a band or individual looking to join a band)
3) Record Production & Recording
4) Music Theory
5) Business & Promotion

Five areas of concentration, no prerequisite to join any of the classes, and each of the classes have been specially developed to lay a nice framework of understanding for all students at all levels to build upon and excel. 

Our curriculum is balanced between the fundamentals associated with each topic and the belief that well-rounded education in any subject can be informative, interesting, and definitely fun.  We believe in positive reinforcement and nurturing artistic growth, but not forgetting to teach our students about the forgotten finer details such as proper music terminology, how to write a lead sheet, instrument maintenance, and many other things you will not find at other music schools. 

Our staff consists of professionals from all walks of musical life from right here in the Boston area.  We’re musicians, we’re engineers, we’re producers, we’re songwriters, and we’re ready to help you explore all the musical ideas you’ve ever had!

Sign up today and we will give you a $50 credit towards one class.  Call or e-mail for more details.

Multiple family member discounts are available as well as multi-instrument instruction discounts.
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