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Somerset Berkley Regional High School, under the auspices of the Somerset Berkley Regional School Committee, makes available to its students a wide variety of opportunities to participate in after school programs including teams, clubs, societies, workshops, committees, leagues and publications. Participation in these activities helps our students develop personal strengths, such as a sense of competence, affiliation, and pride; leadership and team skills, communication and problem resolution skills, respect for authority and for diversity; character, commitment, accountability, confidence, sportsmanship, physical fitness, and general happiness. In the pursuit of nurturing individual interests, these activities serve as mini life skills labs where students can practice social interaction, share talents, and work with caring, principled adults outside the home. We view these activities as a unifying force within the school community, affecting not just those who take an active part in the program, but the entire community. While winning is laudable, the primary priority is learning and growth in the pursuit of excellence. We invite all students to take part in extracurricular activities.

may only participate in tryouts,
practices, or games once a medical clearance from the athletic trainer; which includes registration on Family ID, completing Impact testing and having an up-to-date physical. All of this must be completed and/or passed into our Athletic Trainer, Susan Medeiros. Paperwork received after each season's due date will
not guarantee clearance for pre-season start dates. The school nurse and
athletic trainer reserve the right to require a specific medical clearance from
a specialist (orthopedist, neurologist, cardiologist, etc.) based on the
updated health history.

For legal reasons, official
paperwork from a physician's office may not be altered or falsified by a student and/or a parent/guardian. This includes but is not limited to dates, signatures or content. Further, students are not allowed to sign or forge where a parent/guardian signature is required. Falsifying a student's medical record is criminal in nature and will not be tolerated.  Infractions will affect the student's participation in his/her sport.

NOTE: Faxed copies of
physical exams or medical clearances must
be faxed directly from the
examining physician's office, not by
a parent/guardian, in compliance with MA DPH guidelines. Please fax to 508-324-3118
Attention Susan Medeiros.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in one or more of these activities, however participation is a privilege.

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