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Laker Pride!

At Skaneateles we believe interscholastic athletics in the public school system is an outgrowth of the physical education and health program and therefore an integral part of the total educational program.  The interscholastic competitive environment provides an opportunity for participants to learn vital life skills, values, and ethics in a climate that demands, dedication, responsibility, self-discipline, cooperation, a strong work ethic, and respect for others.  This program offers an opportunity for all to share commonalities, celebrate differences, and appreciate physical competition as a lifelong process.

In that vein all participants in the interscholastic athletic program must show a personal commitment to the goals of the team, and make the personal sacrifices necessary to achieve success.  Making a commitment to excellence nurtures a sense of pride, loyalty, and leadership qualities in a student-athlete.  Such attributes enable each individual to become more resilient, and better prepared to face life’s challenges.  The unique experiences provided through participation in athletics allow students to achieve their full potential academically, athletically, and socially.

Through experience I have come to understand that it is the nature of athletic competition for one to strive for victory.  However, victory is merely a result derived from other factors.  Ultimately, the real challenge is guiding the individual and team to reach full potential.  A true measure of achievement can only be found through the hard work that created it.  The competitive athletic environment is one that demands respect for a full effort, and applause for those who rise to the challenge and accept the risk of defeat.  In my view those who are successful in life are those who have learned to embrace challenges, take personal risks, and put in the time and effort to see them through.

Dedication and self-sacrifice on the athletic field does not always equate to victory; however, if one strives towards reaching full potential, with passion and perseverance, personal victories that last a lifetime will be the end result. 

Laker Pride!

Stephen J. Musso

Director of Student Wellness, Activities & Athletics

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