V 90 90 blue ram

Salem High School

You Can't Hide Our Ram Pride!

Through sports we will teach important life skills such as strong work habits, self-discipline, teamwork, leadership skills, a sense of civic engagement, pride in ones’ self and the community. We want to ensure all students have the opportunity to participate in a sport of their choice and understand the important role athletic participation and competition plays in their lives. We desire at least 75-80% involvement in the athletic program from the student body. Our goal is to field highly competitive teams, which teach students hard work and gives them a sense of pride in their own abilities. The athletic program will foster opportunities for student-athletes to compete on the college level, as well as increase opportunities for students to receive scholarships and other awards from colleges and universities they wish to attend. We wish to increase the number of sports offered by the school to give students more options to compete. We will hire sports qualified coaches who are able to teach the sport in which they coach. We will ensure the athletic program supports academic preparedness and eligibility through policy and practice.  We will establish a program which maintains high standards of integrity, fairness and sportsmanship. We will endeavor to show greater commitment and care to the students we serve.

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