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Saint Joseph Prep

Home of the Phoenix!

The Athletic Program at Saint Joseph Prep provides students with that unique, exciting, and forever memorable experience of interscholastic competition. We recognize that for our students, this is a thrilling, even sacred, opportunity to represent their school with pride.

First and foremost, we focus on participation at Saint Joseph Prep. We want every student-athlete to have the opportunity to play for his/her school in a sport that he/she enjoys. At the varsity level, with some sports, there may be limits to the size of the team, but we offer sub-varsity teams for which there are no "cuts." The goal here is to get as many young women and men as possible to share in the joy of high school competition.

We all enjoy winning, yet interscholastic competition is about more than just the score. The core values of our athletic program are teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and class. It is an honor to play for one's school. On the court or on the field, in the rink or in the gym, the teams of Saint Joseph Prep display a positive attitude, a competitive spirit, and a gracious demeanor. In victory or defeat our players stand by one another—this camaraderie is the emblematic of spirit of The Phoenix. Our student-athletes are taught to respect themselves and their teammates, as well as to respect their sport, our opponents, and the officials.

In an era of "specialization," we encourage our student-athletes to get engaged in a number of sports across all three seasons. At a time when so much of athletics is focused on individual statistics and personal resumes, we at Saint Joseph Prep put team and first. There are no names on the backs of our jerseys; there is only our school logo on the front. We invite to wear that logo proudly—come join The Phoenix!

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