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The athletic program at Ralph C. Mahar Regional School is an integral part of the total school program. It offers the student body the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities that enhance the educational experience. Participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, sport, student body, community and the students themselves. These experiences contribute to the development of the learning skills and emotional patterns that enable the student to make maximum use of his or her education and maximize the opportunity for physical, mental, social, and emotional growth.

Athletics are considered an extension of the school day. Our coaches are charged with the responsibility to teach the values of compassion and sensitivity engender a caring attitude toward all players, and develop a respect for all participants. Along with teaching the values of accepting success graciously, honesty, commitment, sportsmanship, moral support, self-reliance, integrity, teamwork, fortitude, leadership, responsibility, character, accountability and social skills. This is an awesome responsibility – challenging to all involved. We will do our best to see that this task is not taken lightly.

The program goals vary from sub-varsity (middle school and junior varsity) to varsity level. The goals at the sub-varsity level are to allow as many students as possible to participate and share the experience and benefits derived from team memberships to further skill development and conditioning for possible future high level competition. The goal of the varsity level is to compete successfully with other teams in our league and with other teams or individuals of a similar division in state competition.

The emphasis of the program at the sub-varsity level is on the development of basic skills, appropriate attitudes, and the learning of concepts under limited competition. Varsity levels concentrate on advanced skills and strategies. Participation at the varsity level is generally limited to the most highly skilled players and those with the ability to interact with other players for team success. The coach will make assessments during the sport season relative to the level most beneficial to the development and progress of each player. It should be understood that at the varsity level, playing time could be limited.

Tryouts are open to all students, providing they are in good standing academically, are good citizens, and are physically fit to participate. Participation in the program is a privilege that students earn by maintaining these standards.

Jim Woodward
Director of Athletics
School # 978-544 2542 # 6 on automatic message
Cell # 978-660-8332

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