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The interscholastic athletic program at Pawling Central Schools is an integral part of the educational program of the District. The benefits of a comprehensive athletic program provide not only member athletes, but all students, staff, parents and community members' opportunities for school/community interaction, the development of an involved, active citizenry, building school pride and increased interest and involvement in all school activities.

The philosophy of the Pawling Central School District Athletic Department supports the development of students who are well rounded, productive and contributing members of our community and a democratic society in general.

The experiences gained through team competition in interscholastic athletics provide student/athletes learning opportunities that are complimentary to those learned in the classroom and yet are recognized as unique. These equally important lessons provide completeness to the development of the individual and the entire learning community that cannot be attained in the classroom alone. Students who choose to participate in interscholastic athletics are exposed to opportunities that further develop social, emotional and athletic skills. Student-Athletes at the interscholastic level are taught to dismiss the concept of entitlement and learn the value of earned play time. Furthermore, students develop a sense of team work, sportsmanship, self-discipline, dedication, hard work, and respect in addition to a lifestyle promoting physical health and wellness.  Participation in interscholastic athletic teams provides an opportunity for individuals to develop coping skills through the ups and downs inherent in individual and team competition.  Consequently, in the interest of student mental health, these experiences can help develop the coping skills on the smaller stage of high school athletics that students can later draw upon in adult life when the ups and downs of life can be more substantial.

It is the goal of the Pawling Central School District Athletic Department to work in partnership with student-athletes, families, and the many community groups to experience quality, productive and enjoyable athletic opportunities.

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