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Paso Robles High School

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Welcome to Bearcat Athletics! It is our belief that participation in athletic activities is a privilege at Paso Robles High School, one that benefits the individual student athlete, our student body, and the entire Paso Robles Community. Athletics encourages the development of established moral and ethical values in sportsmanship, integrity, team work and understanding of others. Athletic involvement promotes individual, physical, mental, cultural, social and emotional growth of our students. It opens the door for every student to express themselves in whatever worthy activity they may choose while strengthening accepted lifetime values.

We believe that competitive athletics can be a very positive educational experience. It is our desire to instill the value of scholarship as well as sportsmanship. Being a good winner or loser is more important and gracious than anything else, and it reflects and honors one's parents, school, and community. Athletic success at the expense of studying and achieving in the classroom does the student, school and community a disservice. Our goal is to develop commitment, discipline and sportsmanship as well as to provide a safe and healthy environment to ensure that all those participating are provided with the opportunity to have a positive educational athletic experience.

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