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Othello High School

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Othello High School provides an athletic program which sets high standards for participating students. The athletic program is extra-curricular only in the sense that student involvement is voluntary and a privilege and, to a great extent, requires an investment of considerable time outside the regular school day. Athletics are equal in status to other extra-curricular activities, which contribute to educational opportunities offered by Othello School District. Therefore, with these opportunities available, students are expected to represent the school as a part of the community with exemplary behavior wherever they go, as the public will take notice.

It is essential that every student athlete involved in the athletic program understand that no matter how formidable the opponent, the team competes to win. However, students must also know that no disgrace comes to the team that plays its best when it is behind at the end of the contest. This includes individual competition as well. Winning is not the guiding principle; it is how well the team or individual plays the game.

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