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Middle Park High School Athletics


1. Compete; making excuses wonʼt get you to the level you want to achieve.
2. Keep on competing as long as there is time left to compete or improve.
3. Donʼt hang your head after a mistake has been made. Find a way to
make up for the mistake.
4. Hustle on and off the court/field/mat/track.
5. Be a role model on and off the court/field/mat/track.
6. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
7. Root for the team while on the sideline.
8. Donʼt point fingers at your teammatesʼ mistakes.
9. Be on time to everything you do.
10. Never miss the opportunity to get better-PRACTICE!
11. Attend and participate in class in a positive manner.
12. Study during study halls-manage your time well.
13. Listen and learn.
14. Play through an officialʼs call.
15. Don't use profanity.
16. Have an attitude of gratitude; say thank you.
17. Look people in the eye when you talk with them.
18. Tell your parents that you love them and appreciate all of their support.
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