MassBay STEM Summer Bridge 2013

STEM Summer Bridge 2013 for high school students - July 8 to July 19

Exciting STEM Summer Bridge Program at MassBay !!

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience technology workshops and discover that Science Technology Engineering and Math can be fun, creative and important in their career paths.  No experience with technology required!


The program will run for 10 days and will provide students with an opportunity to take a credit bearing course, or a series of fun workshops.


 The idea of this program is to expose high school students to computation in a fun, creative and engaging way. We hope to attract students that have little or no experience with technology and hopefully have a change-of-attitude effect.  Maybe they will be more enticed to take a computing course in school, college or even a STEM career path in the future.  We all know how important computing is.
We offer 3 options, 

1) a 10 day intensive engineering design (hands-on, project based) course for credit - transferable.2) a 10 day intensive interactive multimedia (hands-on, project based) course for credit - transferable.3) Four 2.5 day workshops : artbotics (art + robotics), robots (lego mindstorm competition), AppInventor (programming the android phone), and Scratch programming (games, storytelling)
Options 1 and 2 are only for rising juniors and rising seniors (no pre-reqs).  Workshops are for all.  The cost for any of the options is $100.  
Register at  This is a link to some of the projects presented last year 

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