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Athletic Mission Statement

Athletes participating in middle and secondary school programs should:

·      Emphasize good sportsmanship and the spirit of fair play.

·         Place a premium on the values which accrue from fair play.

·         Eliminate as much as possible the activities which tend to destroy the values of the game.

·         Teach respect and consideration for opponents as either the guest or the host of the game.

·         Cultivate respect for the authority of school personnel, coaches, and game officials.

·         Develop self-control, self-direction, and sound judgment.

·         Discourage profanity and obscene language at all times.

·         Demonstrate that the rules of the game are honorable.

·         Convince everyone that the aim of athletics is really to promote the mental, social, and

moral welfare of the participant, was well as his/her physical well-being.

·         Promote the game for the players and as a game only. 

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