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Jewish Learning Collaborative of Metrowest (JLCMW)


                                  The Jewish Learning Collaborative of Metrowest

An independent educational program comprising students from Congregation Or Atid (Wayland), Temple Beth Sholom (Framingham), Congregation Beth El (Sudbury) and unaffiliated children as well.

                                                For children in grades K – 8 

A nurturing environment for children to explore their heritage and identity 

Experienced educators 

The JLCMW aims to provide an environment where: 

  • each child feels at peace and full of joy the minute they come through our doors
  • each child feels that they belong and that they have something to contribute 
  • each child is encouraged to discover their true self, contemplate their personal values and are guided to develop their own world view
  • each child develops their personal character, learning to rely on themselves, their judgment and their ability to make thoughtful choices and reflective decisions
  • each faculty member develops a personal relationship with each student and students connect to each other in creating a strong loving community where every student feels acceptance, love and support of every adult in the school  
  • every student feels they have a voice and a role in driving their Jewish learning journey
  • parents and families are welcomed to participate in the children’s Jewish growth and exploration

At the JLCMW we strive to provide children with the correct tools, strategies and support to manage the information and messaging overload of our world through connections to each other, community and Jewish heritage.

We feel best when we feel like ourselves—when we know ourselves and when we have the guidance of content, values, history and community to inform who we are and who we want to become. 

We learn about ourselves when we learn about where we come from.  

  • By learning about our Jewish ancestors and their world we can uncover Jewish values that have informed our way of life for centuries and what advice would they give us today
  • By studying Jewish texts, we can examine our ancestor’s tribulations and successes, we can compare them to our lives today and see what has changed and what has stayed the same.
  • By exploring Jewish history, we can analyze our ancestor’s situations, deliberations and choices and think about how it would have been for us if we were there. 
  • By learning about our customs, rules and laws we understand that Judaism teaches that we have a responsibility to the people and the world around us.
  • By learning about our holidays, we find out what our ancestors thought worthy of celebration. We can think about why we still observe those holidays and the meaning they have for us today.

Each of these concepts is explored, developed and deepened through an integrated, age-appropriate curriculum with an emphasis on authentic Torah study – accessing the stories of our people through text study and the Torah Godly Play approach; Authentic experiences in Jewish Culture- prayer opportunities, song, dance, holiday celebrations – learning, doing and creating personal meaning; and Hebrew Language- Building a vocabulary of living, active words; familiarity with core Jewish concepts in Hebrew  and building competency in decoding prayers and text.

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