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Greenland High School

Greenland Athletic Department Student Athlete Handbook
Philosophy of the Greenland Athletic Program
The athletic program in the Greenland School District has been developed to further the mission of the school. The athletic program exists as a vital part of the total education program. It is intended to contribute in a positive manner to the total development of the individuals participating in the program.

Goals of the Greenland Athletic Program
Creating Champions:
1. In the classroom
2. In the community
3. In competition

Expectations of Athletes
Successful athletic programs require higher standards and set higher expectations for its athletes in the area of academics, citizenship, behavior, and sportsmanship. Students and parents must understand that participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right. With the privilege of participation comes responsibility and accountability. Athletes participating in the athletic program in Greenland Schools will be expected to accept responsibility and be accountable for their actions. They will be expected to act
with dignity, decorum, class, and integrity at all times. The Greenland Pirates shall show consideration and humility in victory and courage in defeat.

Those participating in the Greenland athletic program are expected to:
1. Develop self-discipline and a good work ethic.
2. Maintain a positive attitude toward teammates and coaches.
3. Be responsible for equipment and uniforms issued.
4. Comply with standards of conduct as presented in their student handbook.
5. Meet Arkansas Activities Association academic eligibility requirements.
6. Be in attendance at school the day of competition, unless excused by the principal.
7. Follow rules implemented by their coaches.
8. Display good sportsmanship.
9. Abide by the rules of the game.
10. Promptly report injuries to their coach. 

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