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Freeport Public Schools Athletics

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Interscholastic athletics in the Freeport School District is a component of the health and physical education program and thus is an integral part of the district's' total educational program. Athletics should be an expansion of the classroom experience striving for physical and mental excellence. A well-coordinated program is vitally important to the morale of the school and our community.

Everyone involved in the delivery of athletics possesses a unique opportunity to teach positive life skills and values. Desire, dedication, and self-discipline need to be developed in order to ensure the commitment and personal sacrifice required by athletics. The creation such a commitment helps to cultivate integrity, pride, loyalty, and overall character. The final outcome is a better citizen carrying respect for themselves and others throughout their life.  It is the nature of athletic competition to strive for victory. However, the number of victories is only one criterion when determining a season’s success. Guiding the team to attain maximum potential is the ultimate goal.

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