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Foster High/Showalter Middle

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Dear Parents and Student Athletes:

The Tukwila School District Interscholastic Athletic Program is a natural extension of the high- school curriculum that provides activities for the growth and development of our students. The program includes laboratory experiences in human relations as well as opportunities for developing each student physically and emotionally. We view the Interscholastic Athletic Program as the other half of education. In Tukwila, we believe that the Interscholastic Athletic Program contributes significantly to preparing our students for becoming productive, contributing citizens of our community and society. A comprehensive program of athletic activities expresses our commitment to ensure the development of physical fitness and personal health, the acquisition of competent performances, and the achievement of excellence in the student's chosen sport.

In addition, our aim is to develop a student with an improved self-image, the ability to learn a new skill, and an intrinsic motivation for growth and development. We want to see a student who will demonstrate a willingness to accept responsibility for his/her actions, measure him/herself against standards of quality, express ideas and solutions to problems, and value fair play, honesty, and cooperation.

All student-athletes who participate in interscholastic athletic programs are subject to the guidelines included in this manual including the athletic code of conduct. This is an overview of our athletic program individual coaches and sport specific programs may have additional covenants, policies and procedures. I strongly encourage you to visit the WIAA website (www.wiaa.com) and gain more in-depth information

pertaining to participating in athletics. Please take the time to read this manual thoroughly and address questions to your coach.

Good Luck!

Athletic Director

Name Dates Price Registration
Foster High School 2018-2019 SPRING l Athletic Registration Feb 01, 2019 - May 30, 2019 $0 Closed
Foster High School 2018-2019 WINTER l Athletic Registration Oct 01, 2018 - Dec 30, 2018 $0 Open
Showalter Middle School 2018-19 Spring Athletic Registration Sep 11, 2018 - Jun 09, 2019 $0 Open
Showalter Middle School 2018-19 WINTER 2 Athletic Registration Sep 11, 2018 - Jun 09, 2019 $0 Open
Showalter Middle School 2018-19 Winter Athletic Registration Sep 11, 2018 - Jun 09, 2019 $0 Open
Showalter Middle School Fall Athletic Registration 18-19 Sep 01, 2018 - Sep 28, 2018 $0 Open
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