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Farmington Public Schools - Athletics


Athletic Program Mission & Goals

The mission of the Farmington Athletic Program is to conduct an outstanding athletic program that is consistent with and contributes to the overall mission of Farmington High School.  As an integral part of the educational process, it is our hope that Farmington athletics will make a significant contribution to the personal growth and development of student-athletes by striving to increase their knowledge, contribute to their maturity, teach them moral and ethical values, and motivate them in the pursuit of excellence.  To that end, the overarching goals of the Farmington Athletic Program are to:

•     Help student-athletes develop habits of good citizenship and respect for rules and authority

•     Provide student-athletes with opportunities to exemplify and observe good sportsmanship

•     Encourage student-athletes to achieve academic success and to keep athletics in a proper perspective

•     Teach student-athletes the fundamental skills of the various sports as a necessary ingredient in achieving individual and team success

•     Teach student-athletes the importance of physical fitness, conditioning, health habits and safety in athletics

•     Provide student-athletes with opportunities to develop lasting friendships with teammates and opponents

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