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Even though the student plays a central role in our program, we cannot effectively teach the student without the understanding and support of the parent. It is our hope that parents will join us in our approaches to educating students through competition and that we can work tighter for the benefit of the student competitor.

To begin with, it is important for competitors and their parents to realize that, while being number one is a worthwhile goal in competition, it is not possible for all high school students to achieve first string or starter status. We d believe it should be the goal of all competitors to develop their own abilities to the highest degree, and that being high point man or leading runner is often not realistic or desirable. We would like to see students in our program learn the benefits of teamwork, sacrifice, dedication, and hard work. Hopefully, parents can assist their students in understanding that effort is paramount to success and none can outdo their own abilities. Parent, we hope, can help students see the worth of supportive roles should others on the team have greater abilities, and can reinforce the ideals of hard work and taking direction from coaches. With these factors at work, any student can receive a positive feeling about making a contribution to a team or group.

Parents should also realize that in choosing a high school faculty, we seek and find competent and qualified teachers who can fill many roles within our system. Our goal is to provide a well rounded, through educational experience for each student. Much second guessing and criticism of coaches could be laid to rest, if parents could understand the many factors and qualities that go into the makeup of a successful professional educator and coach. Our coaches are not chosen in the same way as the professional coaches at the college and professionals sports levels. Our coaches are also responsible for teaching, hall duty, grading papers, and numerous other duties which work to the benefit of the students.

In summary, it is our hope that parents will take an active role in our competitive programs by supporting their student in a positive way, while helping the student to understanding his or her place and potential.
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