Cape Cod Conservatory of Music & Arts

Inspired Artists, Inspiring Students

Inspiring Joy through the Arts
We believe the Arts are the heartbeat of life.  Through music, dance, art and drama, we thrive individually and collectively.  For this reason, the Conservatory has always been and will always be committed to providing the highest caliber arts education possible.  We are equally committed to making the arts more accessible to students of all ages and being a continual source of inspiration—inside the classroom and out in the community.

Over Five Decades of Excellence
Founded in 1956, the Conservatory has celebrated both its silver and gold anniversaries with an artistic flair.  In 2010, we merged with the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra to form the Cape Cod Symphony and Conservatory of Music and Arts (CCSCMA), the largest arts organization on Cape Cod.  The synergy between the two arts organizations brings unparalleled educational and entertainment opportunities to Cape Cod and beyond

Inspired Programs
Today more than 1,200 students of all ages and skills levels participate in over 60 programs, as well as private and group vocal and instrumental instruction, including instruction under the Suzuki Method. In the dance studios, the bar is set high with a full suite of classical ballet classes and, for those who move to a different beat, we offer tap, jazz and contemporary dance classes. Creative art, photography and drama offerings enhance our program, and our arts-infused, academically inspired Pre-School opens the door for little ones to develop a life-long interest in and love for the arts.

Ensemble and Performance Opportunities
Ensemble opportunities are key to young musicians, who will find unique and exciting experiences within our Youth Orchestra and Instrument Group and Mixed Instrumental Ensembles.  In Repertoire Class, ballet dancers of all ages and skill levels apply what they learned in their Techniques classes to perform steps and phrases from story ballets such as the Nutcracker and Dances in a Secret Garden.

Community Minded, Community Connected
To help keep the Arts alive in the school systems, we offer several key outreach programs in partnership with the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra.

We are a full member of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts and also partner with other local Arts organizations and artists to sponsor programs, exhibitions and events that enrich our community.

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