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Brentwood Middle School

Where it's a GREAT day to be a BENGAL!

At Brentwood Middle School, an International Baccalaureate World School (R), We engage, empower, and inspire every Bengal to reach their fullest potential through student-centered, inquiry-based, and globally minded learning experiences in a nurturing setting. This philosophy applies not just in the classroom, but also to our Athletics program. 

Middle School is the ideal time for students to try out new sports, challenge themselves by stepping outside of their comfort zone, learn to balance athletics and academics, and develop character and grit through teamwork and good sportsmanship. All of these opportunities encompass what it means to participate in athletics at Brentwood. We offer a variety of sports, including soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, cross country, swimming, running, and track and field.

As I.B. students, Brentwood Bengals are challenged to be:

  Balanced, balancing academics and athletics;

   Risk-takers, stepping outside of their comfort zones to be leaders on and off the field;

   Inquirers, watching how others compete to challenge their own assumptions about their sport;

   Principled, taking the high-road and showing character, especially in difficult situations;

   Reflective, using failures and setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow;

   Open-minded, being mindful of how the lessons learned on the field or court can inform other aspects of our lives;

  Communicators, working together as a team rather than showing off,

   Thinkers, using their minds to play smarter;

   Caring, showing respect and sportsmanship towards opponents; and

   Knowledgeable, learning the plays, skills, and fundamentals to rise to their fullest potential.

Bill Fearn
Brentwood Middle School
Assistant Principal / Athletic Director

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