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Badger Middle School (West Bend)

Preparing All Students for College Readiness AND Career Success

The mission of Badger Middle School athletics is to provide an enjoyable educational experience for young adolescents based on their developmental characteristics and needs. The development of young adolescent’s self-esteem, citizenship, responsibility, and skills in cooperative and leadership behaviors are positive outcomes of Badger Middle School’s athletic programs. These programs should be enjoyable, vigorous, and safe and should occur in a positive climate with appropriate adult leadership and support. Each athletic program should be coordinated with other school and community activities to offer additional opportunities for young adolescents to explore varied interests. Badger Middle School’s athletics are an essential part of the total educational process and an excellent opportunity for the home, school, and community to work together.

Our athletic program is open to all young adolescents and should provide for a positive experience. All adolescents will have the opportunity to participate, play, and experience skill improvement. Our programs promote cooperation, sportsmanship, and personal improvement. Skill development, rather than winning, is the primary goal of the program

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