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WRMS Spring Athletics Registration 2019-20

Registration Deadline 04/20/2020
Payment Deadline 04/06/2020

Welcome to Wind River Middle School Athletics online registration. Please read the following information to learn the steps and considerations required to gain clearance to play sports.

•Athletic Fees

Any student participating in a sport must purchase an ASB card and pay the Athletic User Fee prior to their first practice.  Any athlete who has not paid their user's fee and have not purchased an ASB card will not be allowed to participate in practice or scheduled games. At the beginning of each sports season all fines and fees must be paid in full prior to participation in practice or games. This includes, but not limited to overdue books, club fees, shop fees, and uniforms.  For financial assistance please contact the Office Administration or the Athletic Director.

•Athletic/Activities Code

Students participating in school athletics and their Parents/Guardians must read and sign the WRMS Athletic / Activities Code, which can be found on this form in the Policies section or by clicking on the link to the right. The Parent/Guardian signature acknowledging that you have read and understand it is required in the agreements section of this form.

•Athletic Eligibility

Grades will be monitored during each grading period. In order to maintain athletic and activity eligibility the student shall have passing grades in their current courses during each grading period. If the athlete's grades are not passing, the athlete will meet with the Athletic Director and/or coach and be placed on one week's probationary status to raise all grades to a passing level. If at the end of the one-week probation period an F is still present the student will be suspended from the team (practices and competition) until the next grade check shows that all grades are passing.

•Attendance: School

Athletes must be in attendance for all classes in their entirety for the entire a day or they are not eligible to compete or practice on that day, unless permission is granted by the principal or athletic director. Unexcused absences may result in discipline by the coach or advisor. Any absence from a regularly scheduled session without the coach/advisor's authorization, either by prearrangement or by a valid excuse from home, shall be disciplined at the discretion of the coach/advisor in charge. Students are responsible for any work they miss due to an athletic or activity trip. Arrangements should be made with teachers of those classes to be missed prior to leaving on the trip .

•Attendance: Practices / Games

Regular attendance along with promptness is imperative if you are to succeed. Occasionally, it may be necessary for you to be either absent or late. However, common courtesy dictates that you notify your coach/advisor in advance, or that you have a valid excuse when you return. Coaches/Advisors will specify their own set of rules concerning being tardy and absences.

Track - March 23, 2020 to May 25, 2020
Tennis - March 23, 2020 to May 25, 2020
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