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Wolcott High School Athletics - Fall 2019

Registration Deadline 06/12/2019

The Athletic Department would like to thank you for the commitment it takes to be a Student-Athlete at Wolcott High School and would like to express our dedication to providing you with the best possible support to achieve your academic and athletic goals. It is a privilege to be a student-athlete in the interscholastic program of the Wolcott Public Schools and our student-athletes will be held to the high expectations because of their high degree of visibility.  It is important that you represent your school, your team and most importantly yourself with pride, determination and commitment. You must be held accountable to provide leadership, to exhibit responsible behavior and to keep the rules of the team, coach, school and conference.

We, who are concerned with the educational development of men and women through athletics, feel that a properly controlled, well-organized sports program meets with the students’ needs for self-expression, mental alertness and physical growth.  It is our hope to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and will further each student’s educational maturity. When you win, we will share your pride, enjoy your glory. Keep in mind that how you conduct yourselves on and off the playing field is as important to us as how well you play.  Win or lose, we will feel equal pride if we know that you have tried your best, that you have always treated your opponents and their supporters with kindness and courtesy, and that you have played fair always. Participation in interscholastic athletics is an experience you will never forget.

Enjoy it; take pride in your performance and best wishes for a successful season.

Soar High,

Tanya Adorno

Cheerleading - August 29, 2019 to December 14, 2019
Cross Country (Girls) - August 22, 2019 to November 18, 2019
Cross Country (Boys) - August 22, 2019 to November 18, 2019
Dance - August 29, 2019 to November 18, 2019
Football - August 23, 2019 to December 15, 2019
Soccer (Girls) - August 29, 2019 to November 17, 2019
Soccer (Boys) - August 29, 2019 to November 18, 2019
Volleyball (Girls) - August 29, 2019 to November 18, 2019
Unified Sports - Soccer (Coed) - August 29, 2019 to November 30, 2019
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