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WMS Track and Field

Registration Deadline 04/27/2018
Payment Deadline 03/30/2018

Athletic Eligibility

In order to "try-out" for a sport, all athletes must be in compliance with the Woodward Middle School Athletic Eligibility Policy, which states athletes must have a C or higher in ALL their classes.  In addition, athletes must maintain a C or higher in all classes throughout the sport season.  Athletic Eligibility checks will occur every two weeks.  The first time a student let's his/her grades drop below a C, they are put on a plan of Academic Improvement and have 2 weeks to bring their grade up to an acceptable level.  The second time the student lets his/her grades drop below a C, the student is put on "Probation" and cannot play in games (but can still practice).  The third time the student becomes academically ineligible, they may be removed from the team.

Thank-you for your support in helping maintain Woodward Middle School as an academically focused school , where athletes must be students first.    

 Check out individual sports pages on the WMS website for more specific information.

All forms - including sports physical - are due to the attendance office before tryouts. Medical Insurance is required to participate. Affordable Sports Injury Insurance is available through Myers-Stevens

All athletes are required to pay $20 for an ASB card AND $150 per sport participation fee. 

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Woodward Middle School for further information.