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Winter Workouts & Weight Room 2019 Registration (NOT WINTER SPORTS)

Registration Deadline 01/10/2020

Welcome to the Family Id registration system.  Please select the sport you wish to play and sign off on important NBTHS and NJSIAA policies.   

Winter Workouts & Weight Room 2019 registration is open November 11, 2019 through January 10, 2020.  


 SCHOOL NURSE'S OFFICE, during school hours.  To contact the Sports Nurse, please call 732-289-3700, ext. 73088.

This registration is for WINTER WORKOUTS & WEIGHT ROOM, not Winter Sports!

Weight Room and Fitness - Instructors Mike Herman and Alyssa Wright

Use of the Weight RoomYou must register with Family Id and be medically cleared to to use the Weight Room (NJSIAA August 2018) or participate in Fitness Workouts.  ALL In-Season (approved/cleared) athletes are welcome in the weight room/fitness sessions and do not need to register for weight room in addition to their sport.

Medical Clearance:  All summer and fall participants must have a current Pre-Participation Physical on record  with the nurse.  This physical is valid for one year from the date of the examination and must be current at the time of the first practice.  Students with Asthma and Food Allergies are encouraged to complete and submit CARE PLANS (attached) with their physical.  A Seasonal Health History Update  is required for students who already have an current, approved physical on file in the nurse's office.  Students with recent injuries, illnesses or ongoing medical conditions may also be asked to provide relevant clearance notes from their physician prior to participation.  Links to the forms are located on the sidebar of this page.

Action Required:  All Physical  and Health History forms must be submitted to the nurse.  Incomplete submissions cannot be processed and will be returned to the student.  Corrected forms should be re-submitted ASAP for processing.  Drop Off Location:  HS Nurse's office.

North Brunswick Township High School believes that a dynamic program of student activities is vital to the educational development of the students.

The objective of the program is to provide wholesale opportunity for students to develop favorable habits and attitudes of social and group living.

The North Brunswick Township High School Athletic Program should provide a variety of experiences to aid in the development of favorable habits and attitudes in students that will prepare them for adult life in a democratic society.

Athletics should functions as an integral part of the total curriculum.  It should provide opportunities to serve the institution, to assist in the development of fellowship and good will, to promote self-realization and all-around growth, and to encourage learning the qualities of good citizenship.

Athletics play an important part in the life at North Brunswick Township High School.  Young people learn a great deal from their participation in interscholastic athletics.  Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, and competition are an integral part of each team in our athletic program.  Athletics help the student develop a healthy self-concept and healthy body.  Athletic competition adds to our school spirit and helps all students, spectators and participants, develop pride in their school.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact North Brunswick Township High School for further information.