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Registration Deadline 11/18/2019
Payment Deadline 11/18/2019

WELCOME to Summit High School Athletics! 

Welcome to our new online athletics registration platform, powered by FamilyID! We are excited to be migrating away from a paper process. All families with student-athletes must complete each of the outline steps in order to register and participate in the fall athletics season. Registration should be completed on FamilyID and electronic signature made by a parent/guardian and student-athlete. After registration is completed, required documents are received, and eligibility is verified by the Athletic Office, coaches will be notified that athletes are approved for participation. This includes the payment of athletic participation fees. Payment can be made through e-Funds or the SHS Main Office. 

If you have any questions, please contact the SHS Athletics Office at 970-368-1178, or email Mary Quinn, Athletic Secretary, at For technical assistance, contact FamilyID at 1-781-205-2800 7 days a week.


No student shall participate in interscholastic athletics (including practices and tryouts) until all of the following have been addressed:

-Online registration through FamilyID has been complete, processed and approved by the Athletic Department.

-A valid, signed physical form, from within the past year, is submitted (ideally uploaded with registration) to the Athletic Department

  • Links to the District Physical Form and other important documents are located on the SHS website. 
  • Physicals may be uploaded at the time of registration, emailed to the Athletic Secretary at, or submitted to the Athletic Secretary's office. 

    -The participation fee for each sport has been paid online on the district website or with a check, cash or credit card at the SHS Main Office.  

    • If a student does not make the team or decides not to participate after the beginning of the season, you will receive a refund upon request, if request is made in writing before the first game of the season.
    • If financial assistance is required to assist with the payment of participation fees, please contact the Athletics Office.

    -The student has created a CHSAA Digital Platform (AKA Arbiter Athlete/Planet HS) account.

    • This must only be done once in a student's career for CHSAA eligibility reporting purposes. Please do not create two accounts as the account follows students through their high school career. 
    • This is a student account. Parents should NOT create an account unless the student is transferring schools.
    • FROM CELL PHONE - text S41963 to 69274, OR - go to and create an account

    -The student and parent/guardian have consented to follow the eligibility guidelines outlined by SHS and CHSAA. The student has the consent of their parent/legal guardian to participate, and that all parties read, understand and agree to follow all CHSAA and SHS guidelines for both general and academic eligibility.

    -All Transfer (10,11,12 graders new to SHS), Homeschool, International and Non-SHS Students have additional paperwork on the CHSAA Digital Platform. Please contact the SHS Athletic Office to discuss your status.

    Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Summit High School for further information.