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Winter 2019-2020 Athletics Registration

Registration Deadline 11/26/2019
Payment Deadline 11/26/2019

• All updated physicals must be on file in the Health Office in order for your child to participate in a sport. If your child's physical is set to run out during an athletic season, please make sure to schedule their physical promptly and pass a copy of it in to the HEALTH OFFICE as soon as possible so that it can be processed before the old one expires. All physicals for participation in athletics expire exactly 13 months from the day that the physical was performed. A student-athlete with an expired physical will be held from all tryouts, practices and contests until an updated physical is on file with the Health Office. Please note that unless an updated physical is on file at the Health Office, a student-athlete will be held from participation. The Athletic Department will no longer accept a copy of the child's physical, they must be handed in to the HEALTH OFFICE. The Athletic Department will only use the Health Office's updated list. You can check your child's last physical date that is on file with X2: 1) Log onto X2 2) Click "Family" on the top tab 3) Choose "Student" 4) Click on the "Health" tab in the left hand column" 5) Click on the "Screenings" tab on the drop-down menu 6) You should now see all the screenings that are in X2 and therefore on file with the Health Office. Note the date of the last physical.

• ALL STUDENTS NEED TO COMPLETE IMPACT CONCUSSION TESTING TO PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS AT IACS. This test will be completed with the team at the school during a practice session. If a student played a fall or winter sport, they do not need to complete the testing again. Once an athlete takes the test, he/she only needs to retake the test freshmen and junior year for high school and in 5th and 7th grade for middle school. New students to the school not on this schedule will take the test bi-yearly. For more information on the test, you can go to **PLEASE NOTE - this test is in addition to the required online NFHSLearn course**

• A copy of the student-athlete's birth certificate MUST be on file with the Athletic Department

• One parent/guardian and the student-athlete MUST complete a free online concussion course each school year through NFHSLearn. The parent course can be found here:
The student course can be found here:

• The student-athlete and a parent/guardian should review the Innovation Academy Charter School Athletic Handbook, which can be found here: and on the HS athletics webpage

• An athletic fee made payable to "IACS" MUST be turned into the Athletic Department. The fee is $200 for most high school sports ($250 for swim and $300 for lacrosse) and $150 for middle school sports. If you cannot afford this, please fill out and pass in an Athletics Financial Assistance form which can be found on the High School Athletics web page under "Handbook and Forms" and turn it in with your paperwork or in an envelope marked "Athletic Department" to the Main Office.

•If your child played a sport in a previous season or past school year, his or her uniform must be returned in order to receive a uniform for their current season.

• This online registration MUST have all sections completed.

• If you have any questions about paperwork or general questions (unless they are about physicals) please email

PLEASE NOTE: This form constitutes a permission statement and must be completed by a parent or guardian.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Innovation Academy Charter School for further information.