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Willink Middle School Fall 2019 Athletics Registration

Sports Participation Eligibility
Students in grades 7-12 have the opportunity to participate in NYS Section V Athletics.  In order to try out for a sport, the following health documents are required to be submitted to the student's health office prior to the beginning of the sport's season:

Dated no earlier than one year prior to the start of the sport season (no extensions allowed).  MyChart and MyCare Summaries are not an acceptable proof of physician/physical exam.

  •  Fall sports: dated on or after August 1 of the previous year
  •  Winter sports: dated on or after November 1 of the previous year
  •  Spring sports: dated on or after March 1 of the previous year

For students who require rapid-acting rescue medications (epinephrine, inhaler, insulin, glucagon, etc) in school and/or sports
Need Independent Carry and Use medication orders for the school year

For students who are restricted from sports due to injury 
Need to be cleared for sports participation by the restricting medical provider

Seasonal Sports Registration
Registration is now electronic through FamilyID. There is no option to register for the sport on paper sport sign-up forms.
Health documents may be securely uploaded to the site to share with your school nurse. 
In order to try out for a sport, a student must register for the sport annually in the season the sport is offered.
Registration period begins 30 days prior to the start of the sport season.

  •  Fall sports start mid August
  •  Winter sports start early November
  •  Spring sports start early March

Athletic Placement Process (APP/Selection Classification)
NYS requires students in 7th and 8th grade to go through the Athletic Placement Process for Interschool Athletic Programs in order to participate in Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity sports. For more information, refer to the WCSD APP Protocol.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Webster Central School District Athletics: Thomas HS & Willink MS for further information.