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Westborough High School Clubs & Activities 2019-2020

Registration Deadline 06/01/2020

Our goal is to foster and support the participation of all students in a wide variety of student activities such as clubs, organizations, athletics, music, theatre, etc.  In an attempt to prevent the elimination of some of these activities the School Committee seeks financial support, through an Activity Fee Schedule.  In order for a student to be eligible, a payment must be made for each particular sport or activity in which the student participates. 

Participation in school athletics/activities is voluntary. This payment is non-refundable, unless the following occurs: Student is cut from athletic team prior to the first event or Student does not participate for more than two (2) weeks in an activity.

The current High School fee schedule is as follows:

                        $200 per Student, per Athletic or Fine Arts Activity

                        $100 per Student per Club Activity

                        Family cap of  $600.

If you are in need of Financial Assistance, please contact the District Billing Coordinator at (508)836-7720 or


Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Westborough School Clubs for further information.