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Web-Based Applications and Remote Learning Recording Authorization Form

Registration Deadline 04/01/2020

Tower School (the “School”) incorporates educational, web-based computer applications and online or remote learning programs in its curriculum and program. Information about these applications and programs is available at Tiger Live.  

As the parent/legal guardian of the above-identified student (the “Student”), I authorize the Student to use the School’s web-based computer applications in connection and consistent with the School’s curriculum and student activities. I further consent to the recording of any online or remote learning interactions between the School, any of its employees, and the Student.

If I do not consent to either the use of the web-based computer applications or the recording of any online or remote learning programs, I agree to notify the Associate Head of School, CFO, Dean Sidell in writing prior to April 1, 2020. I understand that a decision to not allow the Student to use these applications will seriously impact the Student’s ability to participate in the School’s programs and activities, including engaging in remote learning.

In order to provide the most meaningful distance learning experience for our students, we have reduced our previously-applied restrictions for students to access external sites such as YouTube. 

As a result, students will have broader access to the internet than they have had in the past. Please monitor your child(ren)'s device use to ensure a safe online experience. Tower School devices are intended for school work; our Acceptable Use Policy and Tower Code remain relevant throughout our distance learning time.

For parents of students in grades Pre-K–2: When we are back on campus email accounts will be suspended until they reach grade 3. At that time, all student emails will have a unique password.

I authorize and give permission for the student named below to participate in Tower's distance learning program, Tiger Live. - March 26, 2020 to June 30, 2020
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