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Voucher Submission - 2019-2020

Registration Deadline 05/26/2020
Payment Deadline 05/26/2020

Please use this form to submit your student's voucher day request. Submissions must be received from the parental email on file with AWHS. Submissions should be submitted at least one day in advance. The Student Life Office will review all submissions for formal approval. We reserve the right to deny any voucher day request, but will only do so under specific circumstances. 

To qualify for a voucher day, students must have sold at least 15 calendars during the 2019 Holiday Lottery Drive. Students that have earned a voucher day are responsible for notifying all teachers of their absence and are accountable for all work missed. All work must be made up within 2 (two) school days.

More information about Voucher Days can be found on page 26 of the Student/Parent Handbook

Absence Note 2018-2019 - September 04, 2018 to June 07, 2019
Voucher Day 2019-2020 - January 21, 2020 to May 26, 2020
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