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Volunteer Parent Driver Registration - 2020-2021 School Year

Monument Academy does not have consistent access to bus service to transport students to offsite, school sponsored activities/events, so we rely on our parent volunteers and MA staff members to help us get our students where they need to be!  Thank you for being willing to volunteer to help us provide transportation to our students so that they may participate in off-site, school-sponsored activities/events! 

Volunteers that transport students (other than their own children) to any school sponsored activities/events in a private (non-school owned) vehicle MUST upload an electronic copy of the following documents:


Additionally, the state of Colorado requires that we verify the driving records of any parent volunteer drivers. All parent volunteers must complete a printed version of the Release of Individual Driver Record Form, and upload an electronic image of the completed form. You will see buttons that will allow you to upload all of these documents/forms. Hard copies of this form are available at Monument Academy, but we still need them submitted electronically.

Finally, you will need to electronically sign Monument Academy's Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle for School Events agreement found below.

Registration for this program will place you on a list of approved drivers that can help transport students to any school sponsored activities/events. Thank you again for volunteering to help our students!

Contact Us
  • Marty Venticinque
    Athletic Director/Webmaster
    (719) 481-1950, ext 1227

I am registering as a Monument Academy, Volunteer Parent Driver. 2020-2021 - May 01, 2020 to May 31, 2021
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