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Valley Oak PULSE Program Application to Join

Registration Deadline 06/19/2020

What is The PULSE?

The PULSE is an expanded learning program that is open to all VUSD middle school students and offers a large variety of academic and educational activities including homework assistance (minimum of 30 minutes Monday-Thursday), hands on and engaging projects, organized sports league, performing arts, STEAM, youth leadership, and much more! There is no charge for The PULSE and there are no eligibility criteria for students to participate. All students are encouraged to attend the expanded learning program where there is something exciting for everyone!

How Does The PULSE Program Work?

Students start PULSE right at the release of the school day by signing in and receiving a snack. Students then report to their Academic assistance activity which may include; Study Hall, Khan Academy, Peer tutoring, Tutorial or an Intervention Class if assigned by school site administrators/teachers, or Academic Competitions Club. Teachers/PULSE staff assist students with their homework or class room work during this time. Students then transition into an enrichment Club, offered by our Visalia Unified School District PULSE staff. Enrichment activities are designed to be active, meaningful, collaborative, promote mastery, and expand horizons. Activities are age appropriate and build valuable skills and encourage students to engage in the community around them. Students and parents are a part of our process to determine which enrichments we offer in our programs as well as the overall program design. Active participation in daily activities is required for all students to remain in PULSE. PULSE ends at 6:18pm each day, program activities will run up until that time. Students must sign-out, or be signed out by a parent/guardian or approved pick up person each day prior to leaving.

When Does The PULSE Program Run?

 The PULSE operates Mon. – Fri. and every day that school is in session – even minimum days!

 NO transportation is provided home from Valley Oak. If you have questions regarding transportation please contact the Afterschool Office.

 Students must attend a minimum of 3 days each week to stay enrolled in The PULSE Program. When there are students on the waitlist, priority will be given to those who intend to attend full days each day of the week. 

 Excused absences are accepted! Please contact your Site Coordinator to excuse your student.

 Students may leave early for other commitments – Parent must sign Early Release form!

 Students who attend 3 days a week will be eligible for field trips and other special activities.

Here is a look at what PULSE can offer!

 Homework  Peer Tutoring  Academic Interventions

 Home Ec  Fitness  RIZE Sports  STEAM  Performing Arts  Gaming 

 Computer Programming  Robotics  Cooking  College & Career  CSI  Ceramics

 Sewing  Photography  Film Critics  Broadcasting  Video Production

 Special Effects  Esports  And Much More!

Registration Process:

Complete and return online application 

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Visalia Unified SD Pulse Expanded Learning Program for further information.